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29.5R25 GY GP-4D E4

This is a multi-use, off-road radial tyre. The GP-4D is a level 150 (L4) tyre for multiple applications including Wheel Loaders and Articulated Dump Trucks.

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The GP-4D is a multi-use off-road radial tyre with level 150 (L4) for multiple applications including Wheel Loaders and Articulated Dump Trucks. The non-directional tread pattern demonstrates good self-cleaning properties and offers extended mobility in soft soils. Features and benefits include:

1. Exceptional traction and flotation, better tread wear due to wider contact area.

2. Resistant to abrasive terrain, with the 150-level tread depth for enhanced mud and soft soil traction and extended tread life.

3. 100-level OD for no interference on tandem axles.

4. Centerline riding lugs for good lateral traction, long wear and smooth ride. 

5. Available in 65-Series profile and selected wide base sizes for high flotation, improved stability and reduced ground pressure.

6. Ultra-wide tread arc width for enhanced sidewall protection, greater flotation and traction and longer tread life.

7. Non-directional tread design for high fore, aft and lateral traction.

8. Open shoulder grooves for excellent traction and self-cleaning tread design.

9. Radial construction for good mobility and flotation, softer ride, improved treadwear and better fuel economy.

10. Unique synthetic/natural rubber compound for a long-wearing tread and advanced cut resistance.

11. High-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance