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A Tyre is a tyre, right? Wrong!

All vehicle owners know that at some point they are going to have to replace tyres, the dilemma always arises when having to make the decision. Firstly which brand do you buy and secondly what tyre, the choices available today is really vast. It is at this point in time that the cost of the tyres becomes a major factor in the final decision making process. Quality brands often come with a higher price tag compared to the cheaper budget tyres and the implied savings can be very appealing - after all rubber is rubber right? Well, no, you would be wrong.

In the end, cheaper tyres are cheaper for a reason, they won’t last as long and you’ll end up having to replace them sooner, so no saving there. Do your homework, talk to stockists and suppliers, think long term, you’ll be surprised that not all top quality brands are prohibitively expensive.

What buyers forget is the extensive research and development that that premium brands like GoodYear undertake to constantly improve on the technology of the tyre. Techniques of manufacturing, the quality of rubber compound that is used and the internal construction of the tyre are all considered a top priority. All of this is undertaken with the following goals in mind; safety, reliability and longevity; and of course performance.

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer and globally recognized brand GoodYear is a prime example of a top company that does extensive research and development in its laboratories and has been the in the forefront of great technology. This has resulted in GoodYear producing some of the safest tyres you can invest in today, ensuring grip, noise reduction and better tread wear. 

Ultimately GoodYear want to ensure that when at its absolute limit, which is usually in a perilous situation and when needed most, the tyres you have put on your car do what they are designed to do, perform safely and securely.

Tread patterns, tread size and tyre size may vary, but the quality of a tyre can be determined by the way it has been “built” and manufactured, prior to being put into the mould for what is called vulcanization, which is the chemical process that converts natural rubber and other related polymers into more durable and hardwearing material through the addition of curatives or accelerators like Sulphur. This is just one step in the process of tyre manufacturing and if the quality of the materials used in the different layers are not of a high standard the overall product can be affected. That is why a reputable brand like GoodYear, that has been in the business of manufacturing tyres for over 100 years, offers not only its great brand name but comes with decades of experience in the manufacturing of tyres and has a proven safety record.

The overall importance of tyres means that top quality brands are subject to stringent quality control and testing globally, so when buying a great brand like GoodYear you know that your tyres have stood the test of rigorous testing. A good question to ask is “what is my life worth and will I have peace of mind fitting these tyres?”

In the long run though it is the consumer that decides, but when looking at the overall picture it is safe to say that quality comes with a whole load of certainty and does not cost as much as you think. An investment in your safety and longevity of the tyres you fit should not be discarded.