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The Technology in Tyres

Tyre technology has become a serious business and has come a long way since leather and then metal bands were bolted to wooden wheels offering only a bumpy ride. Today tyre technology is vital and plays a major role in ensuring the safety, and of course aiding economies, in modern day travel. 

Nowadays, when a tyre is required to tackle gravel, sand, or a slippery wet road the driver is confident that the technology that has gone into producing the tyre on his vehicle, will handle as it is supposed to. However, little thought is given to how much research and development has gone into the security of knowing the tyre will perform. In today’s world, the fact that it will work is automatically assumed, without a thought of the time and effort that actually goes on behind the scenes.

When looking at a tyre, it may not appear even remotely complex. It consists of rubber compounds, steel belts, and is filled with air and that’s all there is to it, right? Decades ago that may have been true, especially for consumer tyres, but in recent years tyre manufacturers, like premium brand GoodYear, are constantly looking at building entirely new concepts of tyre construction that can yield a more durable, higher performance, and safer tyre. Specialised technology that is every bit as valuable as any other automotive advancements.

What would have happened if in 1844, Charles GoodYear had not invented the chemical process to create and manufacture pliable, waterproof, moldable rubber? A development now known as the vulcanisation. Charles GoodYear is not the only forefather to have contributed to the development and improvement of tyres, the quest to improve tyre technology is an infinite, constant process with the GoodYear organisation at the forefront.

The greatest strides in recent years have been towards the precision engineering of each tyre, better rubber compounds, and ingenious data-aggregating tools that are actually built right into each tyre. The technology you’re buying when you purchase a GoodYear manufactured tyre from Trentyre or any of its dealers includes over 100 years of innovative powering designs. Every Goodyear tyre is built with the latest technologies for its express purpose and to provide the best driving experience possible. Below is a listing of some of the exclusive technologies you can find in the different models of GoodYear tyres:

ActiveBraking Technology uses an innovative three-dimensional tread block design to increase contact between tyre and road during hard braking. The result is shorter braking distance on both wet and dry roads.

Durawall Technology helps make the sidewalls of our tyres more resistant to cuts and punctures. This technology is available in the new Wrangle All Terrain Adventure tyre that was launched in Zimbabwe by Trentyre on the 27th of May this year, this tyre also includes the latest DuPont Kevlar® technology. The benefits of this innovative technology will help increase puncture resistance, it offers rugged strength, and helps provide a smooth quiet on-road experience.


FuelSaving Technology combines a lightweight structure and optimised tyre shape with an advanced tread compound to reduce the energy required to roll. This lowers fuel consumption and cuts CO2 emissions. Goodyear initially incorporated Fuel Max Technology into commercial tractor/trailer tyres and then expanded it into tyres for family cars, vans, SUVs and light-duty pickup trucks.

You can count on HydroGrip Technology, for its maximum grip, control and braking ability in wet weather conditions.

The latest evolution of QuietTred Technology helps minimise tyre noise and reduce vibrations using a noise dampening tread design as well as optimised cavity and carcass design.

SilentArmor Technology employs a super absorbent layer made with Dupont™ Kevlar™ between the tyre’s tread and underlying belts, bringing you a smoother and quieter riding experience. This technology is now bolstering the resistance of the Wrangler All Terrain SA+ tyre to cuts and punctures.

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology features performance-specific tread zones that enable the tyre to adapt to different road and weather conditions.

SportGrip Technology offers precise handling and responsive grip supported by tread design and compound innovations. This means you’ll enjoy more responsive steering, less deformation when cornering and an incredible grip on wet roads.

TredLife Technology makes use of tread compound innovation and tread depth design. This results in outstanding mileage and prevents irregular wear during the life of the tyre.

The revolutionary RunOnFlat technology lets you drive for up to 80km on a flat tyre. Reinforced sidewalls in the tyre can support your car’s weight even with zero air pressure. Which means that instead of making dangerous roadside tyre changes, you can drive to a safe place to change them.

Trentyre Zimbabwe are the official agents for GoodYear and Sava tyres in Zimbabwe. Trentyre staff have vast experience and knowledge in all areas of GoodYear tyre technology and will be able to recommend the tyre best suited to your needs.  Premium brand tyres can last four to six years depending on their use, so you can be assured that each time you buy a premium tyre, the technology has improved.